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Ethelyn's techniques get to the core of the problem...
I was surprised to learn that my sciatic nerve problem was not a chiropractic issue after all... I have had many chiropractic treatments over the years when my sciatic nerve would act up. Ethelyn some how released the muscles pressing on this nerve and I have been fine since. I will go to her for any pain from now on!
, Sioux Falls Jan 7, 2013

Ethelyn took the time to work specifically on my lower back pain. Having lower back pain, she explained why and what I could do to support the healing of my back. She gave advice on how to sleep and gave adequate time to make sure she massaged not just my back but multiple sore muscles. She massaged well beyond an hour and was not rushed. She was willing to explain the principles she feels makes a healthy person. With health coaching, she described what would be best for myself and my daughter for maintaining a good immune system. She wrote down all the information needed to take home so that I did not have to remember the information she verbalized to me. Overall, it was a good experience and I recommend having her massage and her health coaching.
Mar 17, 2016
Ethelyn was AMAZING!!! I have been to multiple massage therapists, and I have to say, Ethelyn is the best...by far! You WON'T regret making an appointment with her! I was actually SO disappointed that I had finally found the right massage therapist because I was moving to Texas a few days before!
, Sioux Falls May 18, 2013
What a relaxing massage
This was one of the most relaxing massages I have ever gotten. Ethelyn does a fantastic job and is very competent at giving massages. It was so relaxing I think I fell asleep twice during the massages. Thank you Ethelyn
, Garretson Jun 9, 2013
Best massage I've had in a long time!
Ethelyn is amazing! This is the best Groupon I have ever purchased! I felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire session. She helped my neck and back aches and she is overall a wonderful person! I will definitely being going back to Pro Sports Massage and Spa.
, United States Jun 10, 2013
A True Massage Experience
Ethelyn understands that customers come in for more than a back rub! Ethelyn has a real conversation with you about your needs and makes recommendations for how you can improve your health and how massage can be a part of that transformation. She is professional, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
, Sioux Falls Oct 18, 2013

I am anxious to get help from U as both roto cups are bothering me again had both operated on many years ago also my right hand and especially my neck from the wipe lash , accident. U could have another day at my place to give them. use of location very reasonable .Willie
, Menno Jan 2, 2015

Ethelyn is an excellent massage therapist. She is very knowledgable and gives an excellent massage. I\\\'ve had both the deep tissue and the relaxation massages several times. Superb!
Jul 28, 2013
I will refer Ethelyn to my whole volleyball team...
I’m a college volleyball player and Ethelyn has helped me tremendously in just one session. If the pros knew what she had, they’d all be lining up at her clinic. What she says is practical – but most of all it works! Carlie
, Sioux Falls Oct 14, 2012
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