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Spa Relaxation Massage:    $75 plus tax

This is a lighter massage, but with many therapeutic benefits. I have 15 years of experience in
my unique touch therapy and have developed a variety of techniques in my massage to keep you mesmerized by the ‘rhythm’ of the therapy. My goal is to ‘take all your problems away’ and ‘melt you to obliviousness’.

Therapeutic Massage:    $75 plus tax

This is a detailed massage to relieve aches and pains that are more easily releasable. I do a very
thorough and detailed therapy and you will feel a euphoric release of negative energy and a
realized difference in your wellbeing. No other therapist does this.

Sports Massage:    $85 plus tax

Muscles are harder, larger and takes more effort to access and release. This includes a
short assessment and consultation regarding your individualized needs, causes, treatment
and prevention. I only take sports clients who want to get well and make an effort to follow a whole-person program to maintain

Heavy Duty Sports Massage:   $125 plus tax

Tough, deep, hard muscles needing heavy pressure and elbows to address your problem. This is very seldom needed but are
difficult cases. I have much experience with this and am limited to those clients who want to
get well and make an effort to follow a high level program. Assessment and consultation is included using my unique wellness program. I have developed solid research that I use to assist you in relieving your problem for good! If you want to get rid of your problem, choose this therapy.   Schedule online with the link above.

 Bio Feedback Nutritional Testing:

The Zyto Compass is used worldwide by many nutritional companies. I use the highest quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplement company in the world, Natures Sunshine. I challenge you to find any better. In fact, it’s printed on their mailing boxes. I’m proud to say the FDA checks with them when they consider a change in nutritional regulations. Natures Sunshine complies with all government regulations and, unfortunately, doesn’t display a lot about the supplements because the FDA doesn’t like ‘bragging’ or touting extravegant claims. Just facts. So you’ll find Natures Sunshine only talks about ‘what’s on special’, not ‘about’ supplements. It looks ‘sales-ie’ but they are highly respected by the FDA for quality, marketing and compliance. You can find them at

If you’d like to place an order with Natures Sunshine (NSP), you can get it wholesale by mentioning my ID number: 2754124. Wouldn’t you like to get the highest quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements in the world at wholesale? That’s why there’s 600,000 distributors like you and me just in the USA. Quality. Knowledge. Results. Price.

Compass Biofeedback is FREE when you get a massage that month.

Herbalist, Wellness Coach

As a natural herbalist I have many years of study regarding natural herbs and nutritional supplements. Herbs are natures vegetables that don’t taste so good so we put them in capsules!

I will be holding Herbal Hours soon. Education about ‘vegetables in capsules’. Watch for details.







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